Castle Crags 6-19-24

Photos by Barry and Nanci

Ashland Hiking Home

Four of us headed down to Castle Crags to tackle the very popular Sabin’s Point. It was 64 degrees at the trailhead so we knew we were in for a warm hike.

The Dog Creek trail up to the PCT was a bit dicey in places and required full attention, but once on the PCT the trail was in much better condition. Except of course for the downfall, 11 fallen trees that we had to either slither under or scurry over. All of that was forgotten once the crags started to emerge in all their magnificence. We appropriately delayered and hydrated as the temps continued up.

Lunch at Sabin’s Point was picture perfect and our traditional chocolate dessert was a nice reward for our efforts. On the way back down we side-tracked up a hill to see where the Disappearing Creek disappears under the rocks. Further down we took a ten minute reprieve to soak our feet in another creek; very revitalizing.  We also ran into our first PCT thru hikers of the season. All in all, an excellent day.