Bold Mountain 11-11-22

Photos by John

Ashland Hiking Home

We defied the weather and were rewarded with dry skies on the 1,300 foot ascent, Our sandwiches were no sooner out than it started to drizzle. And it continued to drizzle all the way down. The views were interesting with fall colors and low clouds drifting through the valleys. 

On the way up we were introduced to an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix female who clocked in at 120 pounds. Fortunately she was a friendly beast. 

On the way down a friendly young couple ran by us hopping from rock to rock. She mentioned she had just had twins and was trying to get back into shape. If that was being out of shape I don't know what being in shape would look like. 

We looked wet but the drizzle didn't really penetrate so we were dry inside our rain gear. Morale was excellent. 

We took a short cut over to highway 238 heading south and stopped at Pennington Farms and South Stage Cellars on the way home. Morale was beyond excellent after that.