Boccard Point 8-2-23

Photos by Leslie

Ashland Hiking Home

Seven hikers made a timely 9:00 AM departure from the RiteAide parking lot, but then had to wait 12 minutes for the pilot car to escort us past the preventive rock fall work being done on Highway 66. So it was 10 AM when we started hiking which seemed late for a “local” hike and made me wonder if I should have requested that we meet at 8:30am.

Since this was my first time filling in to lead a hike, and I had no idea how long it would take us to reach our destination I was more mindful of lunch timing. We made up a bit of time (and mileage) by taking the “short cut” down the rocky slope leaving the PCT to the old road/trail that terminates at Boccard Point. I was thankful that Barry had the tracks on his phone of past hikes.  

On the return trip, the consensus was to go back on the trail - so we did.  It was a reasonably warm day with a fairly consistent and much welcomed breeze. Most of the showy flowers were past their glory. There was a crop of paintbrush on the old road where we cut down, patches of fleabane, white and yellow buckwheats blooming in open rocky areas. We also walked through large swaths of horse mint and salsify, and in some areas small, sticky fragrant plants.

On the PCT we encountered 11 north bound hikers and 3 southbound, we were the only day hikers. 

According to my (newly acquired) Alltrails App we hiked 9.21 miles with 1332 elevation gain.