Boccard Point 5-23-12

Interesting day. High in the 40s, with a bit of sunshine. Took a side bushwhack up Little Pilot Peak, which was worth the detour. Heavy hoar frost on some of the trees. As the day warmed, hail size pieces of ice fell off.

On the way to Boccard Point we discovered that we could have taken a bushwhack shortcut down from the PCT to the road which would have saved about a mile. No obvious trail to Boccard Point, which by itself was a bit of a disappointment. Only leaky views towards California.

Bushwhacked over to Soda Mountain Lookout and then went down the road which has been recently graveled with large crusher run rock which made walking difficult.

DSC04479.jpg DSC04480.jpg DSC04481.jpg DSC04482.jpg DSC04483.jpg
DSC04484.jpg DSC04485.jpg DSC04486.jpg DSC04487.jpg DSC04488.jpg
DSC04489.jpg DSC04490.jpg DSC04491.jpg Profile.jpgDSC04492.jpg DSC04493.jpg
DSC04494.jpg DSC04496.jpg DSC04498.jpg DSC04499.jpg DSC04500.jpg
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Profile Track.jpg

Turns out that you cannot see Little Pilot Rock from most places along the PCT where we were hiking.  Little Pilot Rock is 800’ down and is blocked by intervening terrain.  And even if you could see it, it is not nearly as prominent as Pilot Rock. 

Little Pilot Rock