Squaw Lakes to Summit Lake - Proposed

Track & Profile

Summit Lake Trail #926 The trail travels through a mixed conifer forest with small water crossings along the way. Look for various aquatic plants within these areas. The trail traverses along black schist soils creating unique flora habitats. Due to the thick multi canopy forest, it is home to the various wildlife including spotted owls, black bear and deer. Do remember to tread lightly within their domain. "Summit Lake" is a small pond located on the summit of Elliott Creek Ridge. It was located along the early 20th Century "Penn Sled Trail" between Squaw Creek and Elliott Creek, and was probably named because the little lake, located on the summit of a very steep ridge, was a welcome landmark along the trail. The lake is small and shallow and surrounded by old growth Ponderosa Pines. It lies just below Elliott Creek Ridge. Paths lead up to the ridge for some good views of the surrounding area.