Etna Summit to Smith Lake Overlook 7-22-22

Photos by Dan

Track download from Dan : Etna Summit to Smith Lake Overlook 7-22-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

We escaped the heat of Ashland and had excellent weather for our ascent to Smith Lake Overlook. What was a surprise was the sheer number of PCT hikers heading north, I gave up counting but there probably were 40. There also were a few headed south and a kids camp of twenty or so. None of that affected us much and we had a fine hike. A lot of people must have set off backpacking for the weekend because the parking lot was nearly full, something I have never seen before.

The lunch spot was as spectacular as ever, overlooking the lake, Mount Etna, Shasta and Scotts Valley. We dined at 7,300 feet and reckoned Etna was around 8,000. We spent some time identifying various mountains, led by Mount Eddy. 

After the hike we confirmed the excellent quality of pizza at Denny's Distillery in Etna.