Puck Lakes 7-18-22

Photos by Jerry and Randy

Track by Randy: Puck Lake 7-18-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Some of the factors that brought nine hikers together at the Nannie Creek TH: beat the Ashland heat, experience a new hike, companionship and enjoying the outdoors.

We reached the TH at 9:30 after an 8:00 AM start from Rite Aid. Randy greeted us there and told us that Laure from Prospect would join us up on the trail. It was a cool 65 degrees at the start and never went past the mid 70s. Parking was at about 6,000' and our destination the two Puck Lakes at 6,450'. These pristine lakes in the High Cascades are the highest of all the lakes in the Sky Lakes Wilderness but with the shortest path in at only 3 miles.

The trail starts off in a rocky dry creek bed that takes you up to a shaded forest and uses switchbacks to bring you up to 6,500' where it levels out for about 2 miles out to the lakes.

Five of our nine were new to this hike, which we added to the Monday schedule in June of 2021.

The side trail to the first lake is marked by kairns at the intersection. It's about 50 yards to the lake.

The first view of the lake will fill you with wonder at the calm natural beauty of this scenic place. Great for swimming or just soaking your feet, our group continued on a trail that takes you around the left side of the lake to an isthmus between the two twin lakes to a shady lunch spot where we could view both lakes. At the second lake we saw a pair of Osprey in the tall trees, occasionally diving for fish.

After lunch and our group photo we set out around the second Puck but were turned back by countless fallen trees. So we continued our circumnavigation around the first Puck Lake and found our way back to the main trail. 

After a brief stop to admire red Coral Root Orchids in the forest, we were back at parking by 1:30 and back in hot Ashland by 3 pm.

Everyone who's done the Puck Lakes hike really enjoys it and it can be done by any of our hiking groups. Directions to this Klamath County location can be found in the AHG Monday hike schedule.

Next Monday we will again be in beat the heat mode as we hike the PCT to Cement Bluff with forecast temps in the high 70s, while Ashland shows 100 +.

You are welcome to join.