Sky Lakes from the Cold Springs TH 8-12-22

Photos by Kay and Tysen

Ashland Hiking Home

Eight of us thoroughly enjoyed a sparkling, clear day in the Sky Lakes Wilderness.  We began on the  Cold Springs Trail to the junction and continued left on through some burn area into the shaded green forest with lots of fireweed along with mountain gooseberry, prince’s pine, and manzanita. 

Turning onto South Rock Creek for a short distance, we entered the trail to Lakes Natasha, Elizabeth and Isherwood. Half of our group had not been in the area before and were enthralled by the lakes and those knowing this wilderness rejoiced at the higher water in the lakes than in recent years past.  

Both the larger, thinleaf huckleberry (purple berries) and the smaller, littleleaf huckleberry (red berries) had ripening fruit.  Everyone was on a 'lake wilderness high’ throughout the rest of our journey together.

We encountered a men’s group from a Medford church on retreat with their burros, camping at Isherwood for six days and hiking in the wilderness. 

On our return, we stopped at Natasha again for “forest bathing” and feet soaking. Along our journey back, we enjoyed tasting some huckleberries and Jackie B collected some for a couple of pancakes on the weekend. It was a splendid day.

By Elisabeth and Kay