Monday Hike to 4 lakes in the Sky Lakes Wilderness 8-22-22

Photos by Rich

Ashland Hiking Home

It just took one carload to deliver Monday's hikers to the Cold Springs TH. We chose this hike because of the favorable weather forecast. It was clear and in the low to mid 70s during our hike.

We headed up the trail through many acres of burnt forest from a fire in 2017. With the sun shining brightly on blackened snags it seems like a recent burn, but the greenery on the trail belies that thought. After the fire in 2017 the only colors were black trees and gray ash.

At the T we turned left onto the Sky Lakes Trail. We met a group of two families coming back from a weekend of camping. Everyone had packs including the kids and the dog.

We soon left the burn behind and were in a cool, shady green forest. A wrong turn off the main trail led us to a new location, Deer Lake! We were so taken by it's tranquil beauty that we decided to have lunch in a shady spot by the water.

After lunch, we retraced our steps back to the main trail and turned left to continue our search for the Isherwood Trail, just a short way up. Once on that trail, we quickly came to Natasha Lake where we met Shannon from Ashland. She's Kate's friend and fellow birder. Continuing up the trail we came to first Isherwood (the biggest lake) then Elisabeth Lake.

All four lakes are beauties surrounded by green forest.

We headed back after finishing our day exploring the lakes. The extra side trek to Deer Lake gave us 8.8 miles total and just 400'+ gain.

Liz got us back to Ashland by 4 PM, where we off loaded in 90+ degree heat.

Stay tuned more great hikes ahead,