Sky Lakes from the Cold Spring TH 8-1-22

Photos by Carol

Ashland Hiking Home

I cancelled the planned trip to California because of the wildfires there. So we needed a hike clear of smoke and not too hot. The solution was the Shy Lakes Wilderness. Unfortunately, at this time of year it comes with mosquitos. 

So we packed up the mosquito repellant and off we went. The sky was overcast but there was no smoke and the temperature was around 70 degrees because of the 5,800 foot elevation.

We did a figure 8 hike, starting through the old forest fire on the Rock Creek Trail, then switching to the Isherwood Trail around the lakes and back on the Sky lakes and Cold Spring trails. The fireweed was still there after the fire but much diminished. The Rock Creek section had a fair amount of minor deadfall as many dead trees had finally fallen. 

We had lunch at the south end of Heavenly Lake where there were adequate logs for a small army to sit on.

The forest road in had been much improved over the last 5 miles and we could easily maintain 40 MPH. There was a bit of washboard in the first few miles and a bunch of potholes closer to Highway 140. Overall the road is in great shape after some grader work at what used to be the rough end. 

After the hike we dropped by Lake of the Woods for refreshments.