Puck Lakes 7-1-24

Photos by Linda and Randy

Ashland Hiking Home

Judging from the size of our group which at times reached 20 hikers, the attractions were more than just the chocolate, Ha!
It was another clear blue sky day as we gathered at the  Nannie Creek (6,000') parking area. The weather was calm and in the 60s some twenty degrees cooler than the Rogue Valley.

The Nannie Creek Trail starts up from parking on a rocky dry creek bed which deposits you onto a shady forest trail after a couple hundred feet of gain. The forest trail continues up another 300' and includes some deadfall blowdown and patches of snow remaining from the winter. After the initial 500' gain the trail levels out through scattered trees for another mile to the Puck Lakes (6,500').

We had quite an obstacle course heading out to the lakes with all the blowdown which hikers chose to go over, under or around to get them to their destination.

A former cairn now reduced to a rock pile indicates the turn off the main trail to the first lake (Big Puck Lake) about 100 yards as the crow flies. For new and returning hikers the first view of the lake is breathtaking in its serene mountain environment with inviting clear water. Four in our group went in for refreshing swims.

After a relaxing lunch viewing Big Puck, we made our way halfway around the lake to an isthmus of land where we could view both Big and Little Puck Lakes on either side.

After a discussion about how to circumvent Big Puck, half of the group continued around, and half went back the way we had come. We met back at our lake-side lunch spot at about the same time.

After our group photo in front of Big Puck Lake, we started our trek back to the TH.

On the day, we hiked 6.7 miles with a gain of about 500 feet.

Happy Trails,