Lost Creek Lake - West Shore 4-20-22

Photos by Francie

Four hikers decided to brave the forecast of rain, high winds and thunder and lightning. As we went along the trail, we had nothing more than light sprinkles and very little wind.

We saw wildflowers in bloom and some mushrooms. We were happy to see that it looked like the level of Lost Creek Lake had risen some and were happy for the rain. Almost all the places that streams could flow, had water coming down to the lake.

With a mile to go to reach our lunch spot, the rain started picking up so we put our covers on our packs. Shortly after, the rain stopped. We all agreed that if we based our hikes on the weather forecast, we may not get out nearly as much.

On the way back we saw a pair of Osprey perched on top of trees. We were hoping to see one dive for a fish but were happy to see them fly around the water. Sherry noticed some morel mushroom and was able to pick a good size handful. One of the pictures shows a few of them. Shortly after we got back in the car, it started to pour down rain. Once again our timing was excellent.