Lost Creek Lake - West Shore to the Blue Grotto 3-13-23

Photos by Jerry, Patricia and Randy

Track by Randy: Blue Grotto 3-13-23.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

A hearty group of 8 hikers ventured out to do our longest hike at Lost Creek Lake on Monday. The weather was forecasted for a 100% chance of a quarter to a half inch of rain. Still we are at that interval between Winter and Spring so we saw signs of both seasons.

As we drove up Takelma Drive to the TH we experienced some snow on the road and saw snow on the ground in the shady forests slanting down to the lake. But on the trail there was no snow but lots of Spring runoff, which led to mud, some flooding and running water as we hiked up and down the path. (This was the only time I recall hiking in water on the trail).

We had to be careful crossing the dozen or so bridges because of ice or slippery algae. All the bridges crossed rushing waters heading down to fill the lake.

A sure sign of Spring was hearing Liz screech when she spotted the little purple Snow Queens, the first wildflower sighting of the season.

Our usual hiker's luck held as we hiked out to the Blue Grotto Falls for lunch. There was very little rainfall heading out and the sun managed to break through the cloud cover. Some of us even donned our sun glasses to avoid squinting our way along the path. 

As we crossed the Blue Grotto bridge, we could again see Spring runoff racing down the creek. Full of anticipation to see the falls in full glory we rushed up the final quarter mile for our view. Experienced hikers agreed they had never seen the Blue Grotto Falls so full; and first timers were amazed to see the roaring shower of water plummeting down the canyon wall.

The predicted rain arrived during lunch and hung on during most of our hike back to the TH. We reached the cars wet but happy to achieve this hike and to see the Blue Grotto Falls at its best.

We may return to this hike when all the flowers are out with the warming sun and the trail is dry.

On this day, we did about 7.5 miles and gained a few hundred feet of elevation.

We were happy for the hiking adventure and longing for a hot shower and dry clothes.

Happy Trails,