Viewpoint Mike 1-2-23

Photos by Patricia and Randy

Track download from Randy: Viewpoint Mike 1-2-23.gpx 

Ashland Hiking Home

The day started with a cold wind blowing through the Rite Aid parking lot, but our group was full speed ahead towards the TH off Crowfoot Road for Viewpoint Mike. When we arrived I introduced our group of ten and noticed that the strong wind had stopped. Temps were in the low 30s and part of the trail was frozen.

But up we went in good spirits and glad that we didn't get any rain or snow on the hike. Although it was overcast we had clear views of Lost Creek Lake and could see all the way to the sharp peak of Mt. Thielsen with sun shining off the south facing slope.

After stopping by the viewpoint wall for the group shot, we continued up through the forest and out to the cliff with views of the burrow pit to the east. We had lunch there and took another group shot with Flounce Rock in the background.

The 1000' decent back down the trail was leisurely as we tried to avoid the new mud from the melted frost.

As we loaded the cars we felt the first drops of rain!

Back in Ashland, some of us stopped at the Rogue Valley Roasting Co. for refreshments and conversation.

A good hike to start the new year.