Lost Creek Lake North Shore 11-23-22

Photos by Leslie and Nanci

Ashland Hiking Home

The 6 of us were able to escape the valley fog and haze of stagnant air. When we arrived at our trailhead, we were delighted with the sunshine, clear blue skies and no wind.    

Over all the trail was in good condition with only a couple small downfall and one of the bridges still barricaded.  Even though the bridge wasn’t accessible, we were able to hike down and cross the dry creek bed.  Since the descent to the creek bed was a bit muddy, it was an opportunity to put our poles to good use.   

Lunch was shared in good company at our usual bench spot. With  our stellar weather conditions, the lake reflected like a mirror and  the brilliant fall color of the Oak trees illuminated our trail.   Thanks to the birders and a botanist amongst us, we had plenty to admire and learn from along our way.