Lost Creek Lake Marina to Casey State Park 1-16-23

Photos by Kate, Patrica and Randy

Track download from Randy: Lost Creek Lake Marina to Casey State Park 1-16-23.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

We spun the wheel Monday and came up with a new hike combining parts of two previous hikes. We drove up towards Lost Creek Lake and stopped at Casey State Park by the Rogue River to drop off a shuttle car. Then we continued to Joseph Stewart Park and pulled in at the marina parking. Our group of 17 piled out into bright sunshine after driving up through clouds and fog. 

The plan was to follow the trail on the south side of the lake up and over the dam and then along the river and back to Casey Park.

The morning hike was chilly through the forest, but the lake was calm and the views were clear.

Along the trail we met Alex, our former hike leader, and Harry, his hiking companion. And we stopped to look at Rumley Falls although it was down to a trickle.

As the time neared noon we broke out of the shade and into the sunlight overlooking William Jess dam.

We decided to stop there for lunch as there were two long benches to sit and view the lake. That's when there was a big change from the routine, when Liz took a big red box out of her backpack and presented it to me as a gift of thanks from my hiking friends. I was presented with a very nice personalized card, several bars of chocolate for future hikes and a gift certificate for dinner at the Cocorico fine restaurant in Ashland. It was a very special moment for me as the Monday AHG hike leader, one that I will always remember.

After lunch, the trail went down, down, down until we were beside the Rogue and heading for the highway bridge to cross the river and continue back to Casey Park.  Along the route we saw a variety of ducks on the water and fishermen in boats and in hip waders.

Back at Casey, the sun had warmed the temperature to 45o as we had hiked about 5 miles with about 300' of gain.

We headed back to Ashland happy to have experienced a new hike. Some of us stopped at Rogue Valley Roasting Co. for refreshments.

It was a memorable day!

Thank you,