Kangaroo Lake to Bull Lake on the PCT 8-14-23

Photos by Linda, Randy and Sunny

Ashland Hiking Home

Our plan Monday to escape the Ashland heat wave, reaching 110 between 4:00 and 5:00 pm,  was a partial success on the trail to Bull Lake.

Although we left early at 8:00 am, 3 ODOT pilot trucks slowed southbound traffic to 10 mph going up to Siskiyou Summit pass. That delay added about 30 minutes to our drive time and we arrived at Kangaroo Lake parking at 10 am.

It was 77 degrees at the start up the Fen Trail and would soon reach into the 80s in the bright sun; mild compared to South Oregon but not the 60s we were used to hiking in.

I was an early casualty after leading the group to the saddle overlooking Kangaroo Lake for our group shot, I made it just to the side trail to the Old Growth Forest before dizziness from light sensitivity, thin air and possibly new BP medication ended my ascent.

Our veteran crew was able to continue on to Bull Lake, while Jerry and new member Barbara came back to join me back down to Kangaroo Lake for lunch and to watch Jerry swim across the lake!

Back on the PCT out to Bull Lake our hikers enjoyed great views of Mt. Shasta and neighboring mountain ranges; and colorful wildflowers featuring Cobra Lilies (Darlintonia) and Blue Gentians.

Afternoon clouds came in to cool the trail for our hikers on their way back. They did 8 miles RT with 1,200'of elevation gain.
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Happy Trails,