Kangaroo Lake to Bull Lake 10-14-22

Photos by John

Ashland Hiking Home

Perfect hiking weather again. The hike was made more interesting by the fact that 3 of our hikers had never been there. It is a terrific hike. 

Early in the hike we met PCT hiker Magic and chatted with him about his experiences. He was too late to finish the hike but was enjoying himself by often going off trail to see the sights. 

Later we ran into a rancher/cowboy, who was rounding up cattle. He had two border collies and told us most of the cows were wearing bells. He has a ranch near Callahan. 

The weather was absolutely clear and I was able to point out the sights along the way, especially at lunch where we had a full view of Mount Eddy. It was a day to chill out at lunch and we did just that.

I took some elevation readings. The ridge above kangaroo lake is at 6,650 feet and the Bull Lake overlook was at 7,200 feet. Total elevation gain from Kangaroo Lake is about 1,200 feet, a figure we we have used before, but there also is significant ascent coming back up to the ridge so the 1,400 feet we have been using seems correct.  

Note for Leaders: Recent fires wiped out the forest on the high ground between Gazelle and Kangaroo Lake but the forest around the lake is unaffected, as are the roads.

Once again we stopped at the Jefferson Roadhouse in Yreka and were treated royally.