Wayside Trail to Spur Trail at Emigrant Lake 11-28-22

Photos by Kate and Randy

Track download from Randy: Songer Emigrant Track 11-28-22.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Sometimes we don't have ideal weather, but regardless "Monday is Hike Day". So Monday with a plan B hike and a threatening forecast we headed out to the Songer Wayside TH at Emigrant Lake with a growing group of hikers.

This was a plan B or fall back hike because Hobart Bluff was scouted with 3-6 inches of snow on the ground with more to come from the incoming weather system.

An expected small group doubled in size to ten, perhaps because it's a short local hike.

After donning all the rain gear we could find, we set out under intermittent showers and no snow. The Wayside Trail was in good shape through Oak woodlands and rolling hills. Soon Emigrant started to come into view first as a creek and then as a  pond needing lots more water to grow back into a lake. (Fingers crossed)

As the trail turned left and became the Spur Trail the track became more muddy and less manageable. After a brief group meeting we decided to turn back and head for the barn, or in this case, the Rogue Valley Roasting Company in Ashland where we put two tables together and enjoyed each other's company.

On the day, we did about 4+ miles with maybe 200' of gain.

Winter's on its way...bring it on!