Friday Mods Hike Songer Rocks Trail 5-10-24

Photos by Kay

Ashland Hiking Home

Warm weather hiking was off to a wonderful start when 14 of us hiked the Songer Rocks Trail.  We welcomed two new hikers, Gina and Debi, and were delighted to welcome Daryl, one of the original Ashland Hiking Group members. 

To reach the trailhead, we drove out OR-66 for 2.8 miles past the Emigrant Lake entrance, and then turned sharply left onto the old Greensprings Highway for 0.5 mile to the parking area.  The trail starts behind the vault toilet.  We hiked past the paragliding site through meadows covered with wildflowers (pussy ears, purple hairy vetch, death camas and groundsel).  Then, we continued on toward Songer Wayside parking, and then took the trail left up to the little Songer rocks through manzanita and madrone.

We enjoyed an early lunch perched on the rocks with views of a full Emigrant Lake.  Our return was back on the trail with a side loop to walk along Emigrant Lake.  Birds sang, especially black phoebes and spotted towhees.  This is the ideal time to take this trail because the grass is still short and there are many wildflowers.  The grass trail has been recently cut and shrubs trimmed. There is lots of poison oak bordering the narrow trail. 

Thanks to Elisabeth for scouting this lovely hiking trail.  Total distance hiked: 3 miles with slight elevation gain.