Duck Lakes 6-22-22

Photos and Video by Francie

Ashland Hiking Home

It was a beautiful day in the Russian Wilderness as we began our hike. The high was supposed to only be 72 degrees, but it was already 77 when we started. This is one of our tougher hikes because the trail goes uphill right from the start. We went up an old rocky road and saw many wildflowers and of course a great view of Mount Shasta.

We ended up taking an early break to do wardrobe changes as the temperature was rising. We also were making adjustments to fluid intake and electrolytes as a couple of hikers started to experience muscle spasms and leg cramps. We stopped at the split in the trail that heads up to Little Duck Lake and decided we should have lunch there. The sun glistened off the water and made our lunch view beautiful.

The temperature continued to rise and people were soaking shirts, handkerchiefs and hats in the water. We then went down to the split in the trail and up to Big Duck Lake and enjoyed the views. On the way back down, more leg cramps and muscle spasms. Again, more fluid intake and electrolytes. It was very slow going, but everyone made it back to the trail head.

Shortly after driving away, I looked at the outdoor temperature and it had reached 91 degrees. It seems the weather predictors were way off on that one. One car stopped at Dottie's for refreshments and the other stopped at the Ray's grocery store in Etna. We had a late arrival home.