Crater Lake - Garfield Peak 8-8-22

Photos by Bob, Video by Laure

Ashland Hiking Home


We decided to leave the heat and smoke behind and drive up to Crater Lake for a scenic climb up to Garfield Peak.

The weather at Crater was partly cloudy in the 70s and may have cooled as we went up the trail.

This popular hike is only 1.7 miles each way with 1,000' of elevation gain, but it seems longer. The hike started up the trail by the Lodge at 10 AM. We took our time going up, stopping for rest, water and views. The epic steady climb really gets your heart pumping, but we all made it to the top at 7,976' for lunch at noon.

We were above the smoke, but our views had various levels of haze depending on the distance. To the west we saw Union Peak inside the park and the top of Mt McLoughlin in the haze. To the south we saw the Klamath Basin and it's large but shrinking lake. To the east we saw Mount Scott at 8,929' the park's highest summit, as well as the expanse of calm, blue Crater Lake. And, to the north we saw Wizard Island with The Watchman rising behind it, and farther afield we saw the rounded top of Mt. Bailey and the jagged pinnacle peak of Mount Thielsen over at Diamond Lake.

We made our way slowly down the rocky trail, encouraging the many heading up after lunch.

We stopped for refreshments at the Annie Creek restaurant just past the ranger entrance.

We pulled into Ashland at 4 PM greeted by 97 degrees. It was a good day to get away.

Happy Trails,