Azalea Lake 9-23-22

Photos by Sunny

  Ashland Hiking Home

We will use as many trail names as possible to protect the innocent.

Within minutes of leaving the TH, Yoda stepped on a rock that rolled and sent him flying. He executed a roll in the air in order to come down on his shoulder on a soft pile. Now the pile turned out to be horse poo but it was old and served the purpose. We continued on this perfect hiking day. 

The trail to the ridge turned out to be longer than expected. It took almost 2.5 hours. The total hike appears to be more like 11+ miles than 9. At this point Roadrunner (sometimes referred to as the Borneo Kid) exclaimed that she had concert tickets and required time to polish her tierra. Having already attained a fabulous view, Yoda considered his alternatives. At this point another hiker, for now referred to as Cycle Lady, informed us that she too was attending said concert and would need to prepare her ball gown. Yoda sought counsel from his sweep, Twinkletoes, (sometimes known as the Suburban Roller}. He decided that too much time had expired and led a retreat.

The roads up were in pretty good shape and there was no problem finding FR 850. We went by way of Applegate Lake and came back by Thomson Road, It took 1 hour 50 minutes by Applagete Lake and 1 hour 35 coming back. Some of the difference was due to downhill versus uphill so it seemed about 10 minutes faster by Thomson Rd. 

When last seen, Roadrunner had left with Grumpypants with time to spare. Rattler, because she rattles on, had logged the entire episode for the Oregonian, except for the horse poo. That will appear in the New York Post.