Applegate Lake - Manzanita TH to Hank's Point 1-2-23

Photos by Sunny

Ashland Hiking Home

The road in from the highway was replete with potholes but we took it slowly. The trail was in fine shape and there was no wind so the lake was like a mirror. Conditions were ideal. We were prepared for rain but it didn't arrive until we were starting lunch. It was a short lunch. It also was a short rain, lasting about 20 minutes.

Having visited both named points recently, Hal's and Hank's, I was jealous and determined to  name a point. Now you may think from the photos that John's Point is rather rustic in nature but like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree, it has character. No trees to spoil the view. No picnic tables to clutter the land. We went through a full claiming ceremony. Unfortunately I had to plant my poles instead of a sword or flag but I have confidence no one will try to rename it after themselves. 

The hike has lots of ups and downs and as usual we had forgotten how long the hill is back up to Manzanita TH, and it is long indeed. We took it in stages, catching our breaths from time to time. 

At the end of the day we had a very good hike and richly deserved our libations at Boomtown.