Little Grayback Lower Trailhead to Ridge Below Acorn Woman Peak 5-1-24

Photos by Francie, Linda and Randy

Ashland Hiking Home

We had 13 hikers show up to hike from the Little Grayback Lower Trailhead to the ridge below Acorn Woman Peak. We got a late start as our cars were delayed by road construction before meeting at the Jacksonville library. We began our hike at 10:40am.

We kept a moderate pace so the large group of hikers would not get too spread out. The temperature was around 50° and the trail climbs right from the start. We had a couple of stops for wardrobe changes.

It was amazing to look out and see so much snow on the mountains in May. Since it was May Day, we were pleased to see so many wildflowers in bloom. There was also a lot of poison oak and ticks. I ended up having a tick embedded in my back and had to have a neighbor remove it for me.

At four miles, we stopped along the ridge for our lunch. Since we had a late start, and because the person that our short lunch was named after came along on the hike, we had a Hank lunch. Hank had forgotten his lunch at home and some of us donated part of our lunch to make sure he was well fed. We also enjoyed an orange and 60% dark chocolate bar from the Endangered Species Chocolate company that was provided by Michael. This bar brings awareness to the plight of the Coral Reef.

We returned to our cars at around 3pm and had hiked 8 miles with 1585 feet of elevation gain.