Applegate Lake Loop 12-28-22

Photos by Francie

Track download from Francie: Appleagate Lake Loop CCW.gpx

Ashland Hiking Home

Today 13 hikers came out to hike along Applegate Lake from the French Gulch Trailhead. I decided to go counter clockwise and stay on the Payette Trail #970. The air was crisp and chilly but the sky was blue. We noticed that a lot of water has been let out to make room for the winter precipitation and snowmelt this spring.

When we arrived at our lunch spot, I gave everyone a chance to eat their lunch. Afterwards, I had Hank tell the story of how our lunch spot got the name Hal's Point. He guessed that the only people left in the group who knew Hal were himself, Keeley and me. When Alex was the leader, he stopped for lunch before crossing the bridge. One time, Hal decided to see if there was a better spot. After only hiking about a half of a mile farther, he came to Harr Point Campground and it was in the sunshine and had a picnic table. After that, it has been known as Hal's point. I handed out some chocolate and announced to the group that I was abolishing the “NO UPHILL AFTER LUNCH” rule and anything goes. That received some groans and giggles.

Following the track from last year, there was a little confusion on how exactly to connect to the Osprey Trail #973. After making 2 or 3 small corrections, we were back on track and headed uphill. Leslie told the group that her husband Greg calls the old man's beard lichen, Yeti Spaghetti.  I made sure to get a picture of some.

When we got to the Dagelma Trailhead, we continued to the Calsh Trail #971 until we connected back to the Payette Trail #970 and back to our cars.

We arrived back in Ashland a little after 3pm.