Rich's Thank You 2-26-24

Photos by Kay, Liz and Patricia

Ashland Hiking Home

Two carloads set out for Steve Stark's mountain lake property to enjoy the snow, but it was too much of a good thing. As we drove up DIM Rd we experienced more cold weather with more snow coming down. As the snow began to stick on the road, we were all becoming more doubtful that we would reach our destination 20 miles up the road. Finally, at the Howard Prairie turn off we made a U-turn back toward Ashland.

The snow hike could be put off for better weather perhaps on Wednesday...stay tuned.

Since we still wanted to enjoy each other's company, we all headed for Rogue Valley Roasting Co. in Ashland.   When we arrived we began to grab all the spare chairs to put around one small table for the seven of us. 

Liz came in carrying a large flat red box; "Did you stop for donuts, I queried?" "No, feel how heavy it is," she replied. Ah, it must be sinkers" I joked. While our comedy act was taking place, two more tables became available.

That proved fortunate as more hike members began showing up. Finally, Liz presented me with the box saying, "Open it and you'll have to do some digging." I'm a little dim when it comes to Liz's surprises, but after figuring out how to get the box open my eyes gazed upon countless chocolate bars for our hikes...Great! Then as I moved the bars around I found an excellent naturalist book called "The Klamath Mountains''...better still! Then Liz said, "Keep digging." So under layers of shredded paper, I found a flat white photobook of our 2023 hikes...Wow, that's the best!  

I was totally surprised again by Liz and everyone who kept her secret. 

Thanks to all our hike members, it's much appreciated!

Good times,