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PCT Fire Closure - From Etna Summit to Mt. Ashland Campground - Details

Recent Hikes

We have had some serious problems with hikers becoming dehydrated on recent hikes. With hot weather here, you need to make sure that you don't become a dehydration casualty on one of our hikes. This means being properly hydrated before the hike and carrying enough fluids to stay hydrated on the hike. You may also want to consider adding electrolytes to your kit. Dr. Mike recommends this paper How Much Water Should You Drink on a Hike? as a good overview along with specific suggestions on how to stay hydrated.



Enjoying the Towering Delphiniums on the Grizzly Peak Trail 8-19-22


Mt. Bailey

Atop Mt. Bailey 8-17-22


Union Creek Rogue River Confluence

Natural Log Bridge Over Union Creek Where it Joins the Rogue 8-15-22


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